Open your own shop

Coffee holds the second place, right after oil, when it comes to world’s most valuable commodities. It is an everyday treat of more than 85% of population. The demand for coffee, tea and accessories is high, and so are the sales. At the moment, we are observing a skyrocketing popularity of speciality coffee and dedicated brewing accessories.

Dreaming of opening your own online or stationary shop? We can help you to achieve this goal! If you are already running a shop selling kitchenware, interior design products or coffee, do not hesitate to contact us as well!

We will provide you with:

  • high quality, professional product photographs
  • brand and product descriptions
  • xml files with product database

What you get is a product ready to put on your website.

Enjoy additional benefits:

  • no minimum orders
  • no competing brands restrictions
  • attractive prices and discounts
  • quick orders via B2B ordering system
  • fast delivery
  • different shipment methods
  • order tracking
  • direct support

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