In Horeca sector, a high-quality product is the key to success. Apart from supplying various eating places with exquisite coffee, tea, and brewing accessories, we also provide them with professional service, training and know-how.

Wide product range enables us to cooperate with all manner of places: cafés, restaurants, bars and hotels. Our team will advise you on product choice, give you basic training and service the equipment. You will also stay in regular contact with your individual consultant. By choosing us, you get access to both traditional, recognisable Italian roasteries, and latest, trendy products from different parts of Europe that will satisfy modern coffee lovers.

The terms of our cooperation may be negotiated and set exactly for your needs.

Why is quality so important in HORECA sector?

Coffee market is developing extremely rapidly. As the customers are more and more open-minded and the third wave coffee movement is growing in popularity, an increasing number of cafés introduce speciality coffee and alternative brewing methods.

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Coffee machines are great, but try brewing it manually!

If you are a coffee lover, you must have heard about a Chemex, Aeropress or V60 Dripper. These are the names of the most popular alternative coffee brewers, operated fully manually - no automatic appliances needed!

Fresh speciality coffee - arabica beans of the highest quality - and a proper brewing method can give outstanding results. A complex, naturally sweet, delicate coffee that gives a kick and requires no additives is something your clients will crave.

Introducing alternative brewing methods will allow you to acquire new, but more importantly, regular clients. Once you try speciality coffee, you do not go back. At the moment, the demand for speciality coffee exceeds the supply, which shows that high quality beans are worth investing in.


Rafał Jagielski

Sales Manager, barista

+48 733 272 733

Speciality: enticing key customers; extraordinary customer service; searching for stuff online; football addict.

Favourite coffee: perfectly brewed!

Rafał Jagielski

Piotr Zacharkiewicz

Sales manager, barista

+48 534 930 534

Speciality: Third in Polish Brewers Cup Championships 2015; second to none in morning coffee brewing for the whole Coffeedesk Team; all the events are in his hands.

Favourite coffee: Ethiopian coffee brewed in Chemex.

Piotr Zacharkiewicz

Marko Djuric

Export Sales Manager

+48 533 322 152

Speciality: a layup, reaching for the things on the highest shelves, speaking several languages at once, fostering coffee culture on the southern markets.

Favourite coffee: huge.

Marko Djuric

Kamil Kwietniewski

Warsaw Coffee Market Specialist

+48 733 989 733

Speciality: identifying and fulfilling customers’ needs, serious and casual conversations, dazzling smile, penetrating Warsaw coffee market.

Favourite coffee: brewed properly.

Kamil Kwietniewski

Ika Graboń

Cracow Coffee Market Specialist

+48 787 973 707

Speciality: Coffee culture in Cracow, running a Café, organizing events, writing brilliant articles. Professional camera operator, amateur taster, barista, coach.

Favourite coffee: Drip coffee. First thing in the morning

Ika Graboń

Maciek Duszak

Coffee Science Master

+48 792 910 506

Speciality: training; TDS measurements; extraction; Coffeedesk Bible. Second position in the Polish Brewers Championships 2014/15/16 and Polish Cup Tasters Championship 2016.

Maciek Duszak