A stand with delicious coffee and skilled baristas wherever you want. A mobile café in any place! Your guests will surely remember this taste!

Every event needs a place with good coffee. Don’t worry, we will take care of everything!

Setting up a professional, well-designed coffee spot in the open air or under a roof – that’s what we are good at too. Our baristas know how to pamper your guests – a cup of perfect latte can really work miracles. Apart from a traditional coffee machine, we can also bring our eye-catching gear for alternative brewing!

We have been trusted by various large companies and agencies. Most of them became our regular clients, hiring us for different conferences, fairs, as well as smaller events. Coffee puts your guests in a cheerful mood, gives them opportunity to talk, boosts their energy and makes a good overall impression. Don’t hesitate to ask for the details!

Dodaj osobę do działu.

Dodaj osobę do działu.